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If your newly purchased vehicle requires constant repairs for the same issue, you may have a "lemon." State and federal "lemon laws," allow for the owner or lessee of a vehicle to get a refund or replacement for a vehicle under warranty if a mechanical defect requires an excessive amount of repairs. Although manufacturers are aware of these laws, many will try to block the efforts of those filing a claim.

At the Emmons Law Office, we represent people whose vehicles have manufacturer defects and work to get them a replacement vehicle or compensation. Our clients will not owe any upfront legal fees and fee-shifting provisions mean that if we win your case, the manufacturer will pay your attorney costs. Our Lakeside law firm helps clients throughout San Diego County and across California fight manufacturer auto fraud.

What Are Lemon Laws?

Lemon laws protect buyers and lessees of new vehicles from defects that the dealer or manufacturer cannot repair after several attempts. To qualify for a filing, the owner or lessee must not have caused the vehicle defect through abuse and the vehicle must be under warranty. There are strict time limits for lemon law and breach of warranty filings, so you should call our law firm as soon as you are aware of a defect.

To qualify for a lemon law filing, the vehicle must generally meet one of these guidelines:

  • Two certified dealer repair attempts were made for a defect that can cause death or serious injury
  • Four certified dealer repair attempts were made to fix the same problem
  • The car is out of service of 30 days or more because of warranty repairs

Talk To A Capable Lemon Law Attorney

We will aggressively represent your interests in negotiations, arbitration and litigation against a car manufacturer. Our aggressive lawyer will work to get you the best possible outcome for your lemon law dispute.

Attorney Russell James Emmons will review your case details in a free initial consultation and answer any of your questions. Call 619-880-4844, or fill out the contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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